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The Sad Story of the American Colony and a Walking Tour of


This is a walking tour of one of the unknown neighborhoods in Jaffa, the Adams' Colony. A place written about by Mark Twain in 1866. a place where Americans lived in prefab houses they imported from Maine, German Templers came, missionaries thrived and Nazi flags flew.

We will also visit Jaffa and Jaffa port and end in the gentrified Flea Market.

We will meet at the Drisco Hotel and tell the sad story of the Colony. We will continue to a Parisian Boulevard that ran from nowhere to nowhere. Next will be a clock tour that displayed two different times, a sabil, a 4,000 year old "StarGate" and enter the Old City of Jaffa to walk its alleys, art galleries, churches and enjoy a 360 degree view of the country and the Mediteranean.

The tour lasts about 3 hours

         The tour cost includes my guiding.

         your hotels, Entrance fees and meals are not included. 

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