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Caesarea: Romans, Jews, Christians, Crusaders and Mamlukes

Caesarea was the Roman capital of the area in the time of Herod, Pontius Pilate, Paul, Bar Kochba, and Rabbi Akiva.

It was the center of commerce and government, and the start of the revolt in the year 66. Saladin fought here. So did King Louis IX of France.

This is what we will do on our short day trip to see the restored ruins and hear the stories.

(So how is Caesarea pronounced?)

Hotel pickup and return (Tel-Aviv Jaffa)

We enter the walled city by crossing the dry moat and the double gated tower. We will dedicate the first part of our visit to the history, archaeology and the new visitor center.

After a coffee and snack, we step back in time to the Roman period. We will visit the hippodrome, bath house, public WC, amphitheater and theater. Fascinating stuff!

A short drive to the aqueduct and bird mosaic. What can we learn from a mosaic? A lot!

Another short drive through a modern residential area of Caesarea and then off to the highway back to Tel-Aviv

The tour cost includes my guiding in my SUV.

                Your hotels, entrance fees and meals are not included. 

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