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Holy Sites of Jerusalem



Pickup and return to your hotel in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

A walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem with an emphasis on Jewish and/or Christian Holy sites. The tour can also offer topics related to recent history and political issues.

We will leave Tel Aviv and drive through the hills to Jerusalem.

Here we will leave the SUV outside of the walled city and, at your discretion and pace, we will visit the sites such as the Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, the 4 synagogues, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Hurva, Room of the Last Supper, Tomb of King David. We will walk the 4 Quarters, Mt Zion and City of David.

And there are tunnels to explore...Western Wall, Hezekiah water tunnel and the new Silwan to Temple tunnel.


PLEASE NOTE that the time spent at each site will be determined by yourself. And yes, we have time for prayer and reflection.

The tour cost includes my guiding in my SUV.

                Your hotels, entrance fees and meals are not included. 


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