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A New Neighborhood, City and Country are Created

         and an Eclectic Architecture vs Bauhaus

Today is a walking tour in the city of Tel Aviv. We will start with the beginning. Tel Aviv was created on barren sand dunes. Nve Tzedek (today one of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods) is the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of the Jaffa city walls. Mr. Chelouche bought the land, but it was Mrs. Chelouche that made it happen.

We will follow the history of the young city through its different architectural trends.


An ancient, 2000-year-old language jump starts into a modern, spoken language (not as easy as it sounds).


And a state is declared in the basement of a small art gallery.

The tour lasts about 3-4 hours.

The tour cost includes my guiding.

         Your hotels, entrance fees and meals are not included. 

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