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The Crusaders of Acco (Acre) ; The Druze of Peki'in

After picking you up at your hotel in Tel Aviv, we will head north along the coast.



Our first stop will be the Crusader Hospitalier Fortress in Acco, the Crusader capital for their last 100 years in the country. The entire fortress was buried and has been beautifully restored.

We will then walk to the Arab open air market (shuk) and make our way to the port and an underground Knights Templar tunnel.


Returning to the car, we will head east into the Upper Galilee to a secluded, little village, Peki'in, inhabited today mostly by Druze. We will have a Druze lunch prepared by Akly and then we will learn about the Druze nation/religion from her husband, Mazan.

Peki'in was founded 2000 years ago by Jewish priests expelled by the Romans from Jerusalem. Jews have lived continuously in the village and today there is only one Jewish woman left. It is a little village where Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze have lived together throughout history.

We will take a short walk around the village.

Back to Tel Aviv-Jaffa


                    The tour cost includes my guiding in my SUV.

                    Your hotels, entrance fees and meals are not included. 

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